July 12, 2019  |  Detroit Education Narrative Shifters Social Capital

Women Circle Ministries

by Alan Rollins, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

Patricia Greenwood has been a member of FII-Detroit since August 2018. Greenwood is a member of FII Women Circle Ministries. Greenwood found out about FII at an Urban Teahouse.  Greenwood expressed one of the benefits of her membership with FII is its impact on making sure that she stays focused on reaching her goals.

Greenwood stated she had a vision when she lived in Highland Park, Michigan. Greenwood recalled 26 years ago when she herself was confused and misguided until she developed a relationship with the Lord. Greenwood said the Lord gave her a calling that she would answer which was to be a lighthouse to her community. Greenwood wanted to make a difference in her community.  Greenwood stated she wanted to provide outreach services through activities that would benefit the youth. Greenwood took her vision into action by exposing youth in her community to local library reading programs, organizing family fun days in her community as well as taking youth out to beneficial community events.

Greenwood indicated theUpTogether Funds she received from FII came to good use as it has helped her further her vision of youth outreach services. Greenwood’s outreach services ensure the youth in her community have exposure to educational as well as fun activities that will further stimulate their development. Greenwood’s outreach to the youth ensures they can engage in activities that will benefit them.  Greenwood’s passion for the youth will definitely make the impact she envisioned as well as solidify her calling as a community lighthouse.

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