December 1, 2015  |  Boston & Cambridge Entrepreneurship Financial Health UpTogether Fund

Wilson Alzate

When I joined FII, I was looking for resources to start my own trucking company. I was already working for a company driving trucks and one of my friends presented me with an opportunity to start my own trucking business. My goal was to buy a truck so that I could negotiate directly with clients. The truck I wanted to buy cost about $54,000. My plan was to get as many resources as possible and finance the remaining balance. In July 2013, I applied for both the IDA savings match and a loan from FII. I had saved $2,000 and FII matched it 2:1 with $4,000 and I was approved for a $3,500 0% interest, $0 fee loan. I put the money down on a truck and financed the rest.

While working for the trucking company, my household income was just about $2300 a month. A couple of months after I bought the truck, I had increased that to $7500 a month! During the winter months, my income goes down to about $5800 due to the snow — but that is still more than before I owned my own truck.

I started my own trucking company

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