March 10, 2019  |  Narrative Shifters Northern California

William Goodwin, National Narrative Shifter

by Sharon Burden

Nobody’s Fool!!! William Goodwin is a true California native born & raised in Oakland. William stands for hope and joy, he believes that in order to LOVE your neighbor you must “LOVE Mercy, LOVE Justice, LOVE Goodness and walk humbly.” If you ever visit Oakland; you have to meet William if for NO other reason ask about his daughter—his eyes sparkle when he speaks about her, she is 15. When asking William has he ever done his daughters hair, his eyes went into a special place. When he was learning to braid her hair, he was reminded of his mother and the times he observed her braiding his sister’s hair. The memory was like a YouTube tutorial guiding his hands as he remembered, over-under-over. William is a passionate man and he cares deeply about others feelings. One of his favorite quotes: “Any Fool can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy!” – Philip Whitmore Sr.

“It’s all community involvement,” William said. “Everything that I do is pretty much, I’m not thinking about me, I’m thinking about my community. How can I help my community here, and then my community at large? We’ll see.”

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