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Video: Trust and Invest in Families

NATIONAL – In the summer of 2018, award-winning film and television director Daresha Kyi visited 6 cities across the country to gather stories from FII family partners and staff and document how FII is  impacting people’s lives.

“It was so inspiring to witness the profound impact that the resources offered by FII had on the families at each of the  sites we visited,” said Kyi. “Not only were they empowered to make sound financial decisions based on their unique, personal needs, but the communities they formed with their cohorts were absolutely priceless.”

Jessica Withers, Boston FII Family Partner shared: “FII is not looking at what we come with. They’re not looking at the myths and the statistics behind us. They’re trusting that we want to grow, we want to build, and they believe in us.”

This asset based approach is shockingly unconventional in the landscape of government programs and philanthropic investment.

Jesús Gerena, FII CEO, reflects: “A very common question that we get all the time is, Are you sure when you give these dollars directly to families, that they’re doing the right thing with it? That they’re not wasting it in frivolous things? Really it’s feeding on the stereotypes of who low-income people are.”

The crew gathered an incredible arsenal of stories which FII will release over the coming months, including the overview video featured here.

As a dynamic compilation of family partner and staff voices, we hope this video helps champions of FII to spread the Trust and Invest message to new audiences.

“For the past 50 years in the U.S. we’ve tried to invent the magic program that’s going to solve poverty but in the 50 years we have not moved the needle,” said Susy Sarmiento, FII- Albuquerque Director.

FII believes that enough is already known about the effectiveness of direct investment in families to shift the way government and philanthropy practice.

“We share a radically different approach,” said Ashley Conners Sherwin, FII Vice President of External Affairs. “It’s an invitation to change maybe the way you’re practicing investment. We’re not just looking for dollars. We’re looking for people who want real sustainable change.”


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