Typical UpTogether Stories

Meet FII Family Partners

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. In this series of bite-sized videos, families share more about what drives them. We call these Typical UpTogether Stories because this level of initiative, hustle, and heart is what we see across the FII community. Thank you for watching, sharing, and donating to support FII’s trust and invest mission.


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FII trusts and invests in the solutions that families develop for themselves. Our technology and data driven approach utilizes our own social media platform, UpTogether. On UpTogether, families achieve their goals by strengthening social networks and accessing dollars to support their efforts. They support one another in achieving their goals, all of which accelerate mobility.

We invite all stakeholders to collaborate, see the strengths and initiative of those living in low-income communities, and invest in them directly, resulting in the creation of win-win solutions that put choice and control squarely back into the hands of families.

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