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Trenika Bloodsaw

I am a currently a member of FII-Detroit and want to share my story about my Community House. My Fiancé and I were blessed — we were able to purchase a home on the west side of Detroit in the neighborhood we grew up and faced many challenges in. Because of this, we decided that we wanted the house to be a place where families could come and find the help and resources they need to be more productive and engaged in life.

That’s how the New Way of Living Community House came about. New Way of Living Community House is a place that offers families several resources such as a clothing closet (R.A.G.S.), Girl Scouts, NA meetings (Men On A Mission), a mentorship program (S.O.L.O.), tutoring, and affordable child care services — the income of which helps sustain the cost of running the house and other services.

Being a part of FII has been a great help. I was able to pull money from FII’s social club grant to underwrite the cost our of grand opening of the house, as well as to fund a Back to School Event for our community that my FII cohort called “Virtuous Women” hosted. I also received FII funds to help purchase supplies for the day care. The New Way Of Living Community House has always been a dream of mine and it’s finally coming to life. Thanks FII for all your help with making my dream come true.

New Way of Living Community House is a place that offers community members and families resources.

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