February 13, 2019  |  Video

Transforming the System

“I want everyone to know what FII Family Partners are doing and why FII exists,” said Jessica Taubner, FII-Greater Boston Site Director. Taubner appreciates the networks FII creates, with people shining light on one another’s assets and putting cash into the hands of hard working families. “We’re a community of people that believes deeply in our values. We’re practicing them.” FII directly touches individual families with direct investment and changes the national landscape of what is considered best practice in economic mobility by sharing evidence our approach is working across the country.

This video highlights two stories of success in Boston. Jessica Withers is a passionate community steward and fitness entrepreneur who leveled up her business with cash from FII. Marisol Tejera used funds to start a lego club for kids and parents, which had positive impacts for parents and kids alike.

“Lego Club is a really great opportunity for parents to sit with their kids, play with them, focus on them. Kids are learning how to work with each other, and it really does help them cognitively,” Tejera reflected. “The funds were a huge support because Legos are very expensive and some families can’t afford Legos.”

“It took me a while to realize the benefits of working with FII,” Withers said. “They’re giving us this platform to show, not only are we able, but we’re driven. We understand this thing called life and we have goals. You’re going to wake up one day and you’re going to hear about me.”

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