May 1, 2019  |  Detroit Entrepreneurship Housing Narrative Shifters Social Capital

Toni’s Stitching Dreams

by Monica Gooden, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

Toni Kerley is well into her 2nd year with FII and finds the networking opportunities greatly beneficial.  Regularly we see posts on the Uptogether, FII’s platform, sharing useful information and varying resources that have been submitted by or have a response from Toni. She is active in her community, guided by her faith and her desire to give back. Not only an active participant in the Brilliant Detroit neighborhood and community group, Toni is a resourceful mom of 2 beautiful children.  Toni finds strength and encouragement in the FII community. She has vivid entrepreneurial goals. Toni plans to attend sewing classes and acquire the equipment and supplies needed to start a business in the sewing industry. Currently, she is looking for a bigger home to accommodate her family and also have room to develop and grow her business. Toni finds that learning about different people around the country and staying connected to others that are also working toward positive goals is encouraging.  Look to see even more from Toni. With her optimism and tenacity and willingness to thrive her future is wide open.

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