January 15, 2016  |  Boston & Cambridge Housing

Tome’ Andrade

My name is Tome’ Andrade and I am a proud FII-Boston family partner. The avalanche of events, which unfolded due to my participation in FII, has been a great blessing for my family. It has been my lifetime goal to own a home. Until I joined FII, it was a dormant goal. One simple question which repeated itself each month in the journals – “What actions have you taken towards your goals since last month?” – changed my relationship with my goals. This question created accountability and thrust me into gear, making me think about the next steps I should be taking towards the home buying process.

Up until I joined FII, my credit score (in the low 600s) hadn’t budged in over 6-7 years. I was in good standing; I had paid off all my debt in 2008. However, I made the mistake of canceling all of my credit cards, in fear of once again falling behind. I grew frustrated with my stagnant credit score and addressed that in our FII family meeting. The rest of the group also wanted information on how we could improve our credit so we invited a gentleman to come over for a quick information session. After this information session, I began researching information about what he shared regarding credit repair and began sending out letters to remove outdated and erroneous items from my credit report. I started to remove any derogatory accounts on my credit reports over 7 years old. Additionally, through using Credit Karma, an app made familiar to me through my FII group, I was able to monitor my credit and learned about different techniques like credit utilization, which helped improve my scores. I watched my credit move up over the last 2 years from 628 to 750.

I was finally preapproved for a loan in September 2015, completed the 1st time homebuyer’s class and began shopping for a home. On January 1, 2016, I woke up in my new house for the first time. I wrote a short message to all of the families in my group, thanking them for being a source of support, accountability, and knowledge: A new year, new house, and new goals on the horizon.

Thank you FII!

Accomplished my goal of purchasing a home in 2016!

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