January 24, 2019  |  Insights

The Impact of Direct-to-Family Dollars on Family Goal Attainment

In September 2017, Family Independence Initiative (FII) partnered with the MetLife Foundation and joined other MetLife grantees in a cross-learning project to better understand how direct investments in families allow for mobility. Below is brief review of the FII model, two-year outcomes of our families, and our findings on how direct investments impact family goal attainment and mobility.

Key Findings

• Greater access to capital positively impacts goal completion, regardless of whether families use the capital specifically for the goal attained.

• Given the increased flexibility in using direct-to-family dollars offered by the new UpTogether Fund, more families use funds for their financial health, such as starting a savings account, paying bills, or reducing debt. With FII’s Resource Hub (a less flexible fund), more dollars were distributed specifically for education, housing, and transportation.

• Supporting households’ financial health leads to families also achieving their goals around education, improving their health and more. Families that report financial health reasons when accessing funds complete their goals faster and complete more of them on average, compared to families that did not access funds for this reason.

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