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The Gift

by Monica Gooden, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

“What would you say is the greatest gift you’ve ever GIVEN?”. We met in plush recently decorated space where the ambience boasted dimmed lighting and the walls offered a hushed accompaniment as she contemplated the question. Out of the hush emerged an insistent energy, “Let me answer that for you, Chrys!” Even as the words parted her husbands’ eager lips, the air swelled like the hour before curtain call.  

Crystal Gooden is in a 2nd year plus Detroit FII cohort. She has a humble confidence that permeates her personality.  She is outgoing and energetic. Her doting husband, family and friends enjoy her sense of humor and benefit by her solid and undaunting faith.  Crystal’s mission has always been to greet every suns’ rising with a positive attitude.

While in FII, identifying potential and underutilized resources through networking, journaling and accountability, Crystal landed a rewarding new job and continues to earn impressive promotions and advancements in her office. Along with their new home purchase, she and her husband happily celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. Crystal is focused on growing her family and building memories. Crystal plans to further her career, travel, grow financially and with greater savings for the future.  

Crystal is considerate, generous and patient. On any given day, the presence of her consulate voice can be heard offering gentle support and encouragement to a friend, family or neighbor. “The greatest gift I’ve ever RECEIVED is LOVE”, she says. Her proud, enamored husband offers the answer to my first question. “Security. Security is the greatest gift you’ve ever GIVEN, Chrys. You’re caring, thoughtful, non judgmental…yeah, all of that.”  Yeah, all of that!


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