December 31, 2014  |  Civic Engagement Northern California Social Capital

Tevi Kiliona

The summer program I started in my community was very informal. I started with the kids in my family (about 10) and then it grew even larger to include kids from all over our community in Potrero Hill. By the 2nd week of my program I had a total of 40 dedicated kids who attended daily. I partnered with the Potrero Hill Family Resource Center located in the Potrero Hill Housing Authority. They existed in our neighborhood, yet I believe no one understood the services they provided. I visited a few times and spoke with the Director at the time and he stated he was having trouble getting folks to utilize their services. I also noticed the many programs they offered for children and youth that had no participants enrolled. By bringing kids in for my program was beneficial to our partnership/network. I provided the head count/participants while PHFRC provided us with the space and the funding for these programs.

I created a summer program for local youth

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