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Kate-Laurel Agnew

Data Engineer

Kate-Laurel Agnew joined FII as a Data Engineer in 2020. Her data work is focused on building technical ways to integrate quantitative and rich qualitative data in support of FII’s mission. Kate-Laurel’s professional background is in both engineering and the humanities: prior to joining FII, she worked in data engineering and database design for a tech startup, did PhD research at the University of Chicago, and spent two years working on holistic curriculum development as a Fulbright teaching fellow in Gaziantep, southeastern Turkey. After a few years in the private sector, she’s thrilled to again be doing work driven by the social good.

Kate-Laurel holds an MA in Classics (Ancient History) from the University of Chicago and a BA in Classics from Reed College. Born in Appalachian Kentucky and raised in a diverse neighborhood of Cincinnati, she now lives in Portland, OR.

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