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The Family Independence Initiative is a national organization developing a platform for social and economic mobility, which over this last decade has demonstrated that investing in people’s strengths and initiative delivers stronger, more sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for low income families. Our strength-based approach is inspired by the historical successes of low-income communities in the U.S.

FII has proven that galvanizing social networks in low-income communities, honoring the self-determination of individual families, and leveraging existing capacities results in dramatic community improvement. Our multi-city demonstrations deliver measurable results for families, funders, and policy makers to break the cycle of poverty.

FII is looking for an individual who will work with families to extract, record, and analyze family initiative and data. The Liaison will verify what families report, support family actions, and document stories and discussions.

The responsibilities of the Liaison include:

  • Orient enrolling families about FII’s mission of overcoming stereotypes and that they will help FII test processes and benefits that could be helpful to the broader set of low income families.
  • Convey that Liaison is not there to help the families, but the families are there to help FII.  In return families are paid for reporting actions they take and for testing resources that FII develops. FII is not a social service program but a partnership.
  • Challenge and encourage families to take steps to improve their lives and validate these actions.
  • Push families to turn to their own social networks for the expertise and help needed for events, trainings or any other actions they initiate.  Provide referrals and act as support staff to actions being taken by families ONLY as a last and necessary resort.
  • Set an expectation that families have a responsibility to help others and provide lessons to their communities and this country.
  • Identify families that are interested in FII’s broader mission who can help promote our mission and encourage them to apply for FII Fellowships.
  • Act as a communication link and infrequent facilitator so that families are updated on actions other families take as well as to update families on FII and available FII resources.
  • Develop a personal awareness of the issues that FII is trying to change and then monitor/document family actions that can be proof points of FII’s mission.
  • Promote the use of technology as a means for families to communicate with other families and FII.
  • Be proficient in gathering and understanding the data and information that FII collects, identify anomalies and provide clarity and accuracy.
  • Conduct interviews with families to audit data reported and to gather stories of family success and challenges.
  • Act as spokespersons for FII and its process.
  • Other duties and projects to be developed over time.

Capacities and Qualifications:

  • Someone who believes in the capacity of low-income families to lead their own change and make decisions that are best for them.
  • An understanding of financial data and an ability to assure that the data makes sense and is accurate.
  • Highly organized with the ability to handle multiple projects and priorities with attention to detail
  • Technically savvy with strong working knowledge of MS Office, familiarity with Google applications, and fluency with Internet applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize across diverse communities, build strong relationships and network effectively.
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and verbal.
  • Someone who will be flexible and able to work evening and weekends.
  • Experience working in and with communities of color is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
  • Ability to lead and manage responsibilities independently
  • Bi-lingual in Spanish is required.

This is a consulting position requiring 25-30 hours/week with evening and weekend hours. The hourly rate is $25-$30 depending on experience. Position is open until filled.


Send cover letter and resume to Ivanna Neri, FII-Austin Site Director, ivanna@fii.org. The cover letter must describe your familiarity with working with low-income families, story and data collection and analysis.


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