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Danielle Coates-Connor

Director of Communications

Danielle Coates-Connor joined FII as Director of Communications in June of 2018. For over a decade, she has worked on frontline social issues producing stories and communications strategies. She was the Director of Communications at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), and her team produced some hits, like a remake of the legendary Equality VS Equity meme – with the people standing on boxes at a baseball game. It started as a simple offering to the field of equity practitioners, so that they would stop using a pixelated version in slide decks. In a shocking turn of events, Equality VS Equity exploded, and it has brought hundreds of thousands of people to IISC’s website to download the design files, and is being published all over the world and used in slide decks across sectors to demonstrate that equity means ensuring everyone has what they need to thrive. This experience taught her that you never know what’s going to stick – just keep creating.

Danielle’s consulting portfolio includes innovative social justice organizations such as Center for Story-based Strategy and Tostan. The vision and voice project she founded, Infinite Growth has supported over 100 influencers since 2016, from activists and executives to fashion models and healers. Infinite Growth helps people imagine their desired legacy and start living it now. In January 2019, a documentary film she edited for BYKids about the incredible human rights initiatives led by the people of Senegal to end female genital cutting and child marriage will premiere on PBS. The film will then screen in thousands of schools around the U.S. and at film festivals world-wide.

Danielle studied documentary at the Salt Institute and graduated with honors from Mount Holyoke College as a Frances Perkins Scholar. She lives north of Boston in the small town where she grew up, and she loves the beach.

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