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Supporting Our Community Through COVID-19

Millions of people across the country are hurting financially right now because of efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Hospitality workers are being laid off or having their hours cut. Small business owners have closed their doors and don’t know if, or when, they’ll reopen. Others can’t go to work because schools are closed and they have to stay at home with their children.

That’s why the Family Independence Initiative partnered with Stand Together to launch #GiveTogetherNow, a rapid-response campaign to get cash directly to our friends and neighbors who need it the most. Here are some of their stories.

Dianne’s Story

As a widow and single mom, when schools closed because of the coronavirus, Dianne had no choice but to stay home to take care of her son, Curtis. 

“He is 9 years old, has ADHD and is on medication,” she shared.

Dianne is a domestic worker and says it’s hard not having a job or being able to support her family like she could before the pandemic. She sees the money from #GiveTogetherNow as a “blessing.”

“I was able to pay my rent, my light and gas bills and put groceries in my house. No one ever did nothing like this for me ever…This is truly a blessing from God and I’m forever grateful.” 

Dianne and her son, Curtis

Aide’s Story

Aide, a woman in Chicago, lost her job due to measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. She says the money she received through the #GiveTogetherNow campaign is a blessing.

“I thank God because he makes all this possible,” she said. “I was able to buy food and pay half my bills.” 

Aide is taking all precautions to keep herself and her family healthy. She even made face masks to wear if they ever need to go outside.

Aide and her mask.
Translation: “At least I made myself a homemade mask, for me and for my family.”

Nelynn’s Story

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Nelynn, a mother of five in Grand Rapids, Michigan, worked part-time at a school. Once the pandemic broke out, the school closed and her oldest child lost his job. They had been living paycheck to paycheck and without being able to work, Nelynn didn’t know how she was going to pay rent.

“The #GiveTogetherNow COVID-19 [relief fund] was such a blessing,” she said. “I had just celebrated a year living at a rental home. Before that, my kids and I were homeless living in [a shelter]. I spent five months to get where I am now. With my job closing, I was afraid I would not make my rent payment, but thanks to this blessing, I can…My kids and I want to just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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