Thanks to New Orleans families who trusted FII to invest in their community, we have been partnering and learning from New Orleans families since 2014.

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In 2005, families displaced by Hurricane Katrina temporarily relocated to Oakland, CA, where FII was working in partnership with local families. These artists and cultural workers became interested in FII’s approach and stayed in touch with us as they made their way back home. They had a community with strong ties and support but lacked outside investment. They saw clear value in their community and wanted resources invested directly back to them. Their experience had been counter to this where investors had tried to cash in on their entrepreneurial spirit. In 2014, five of these community members launched FII–New Orleans (FII–NOLA) to help strengthen their community and collective self-determination. Families in New Orleans are focused on strengthening their community, arts, education, and youth success. What we have witnessed through data and on the ground stories is a continuation of their entrepreneurial spirit.

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On average, during 2 years of engagement with FII:

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Thousands of families across the country are shifting long-held perceptions of low-income communities and changing our practice and policy approaches to poverty. Join us as we trust and invest in their initiatives.

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