Since 2010, FII-Boston and Cambridge has been demonstrating how families can transform their neighborhoods and the city while serving as a model for FII’s national expansion.

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FII– Boston & Cambridge and its family partners are leading the movement to change the stereotypes and perceptions of low-income working families and are demonstrating a new way to invest in their efforts.

As FII’s largest site, we are demonstrating the power and potential of low-income communities by deepening and expanding our support of families’ grassroots organizing skills and investing in those initiatives and projects. Today, FII – Boston & Cambridge partners with families within the diverse low-income neighborhoods of East Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roxbury, and  in the City of Cambridge. By 2020, we aim to partner with 2,000 families from the poorest neighborhoods. Specifically, in Cambridge we aim to partner with 400 families by 2020. Through these family partnerships, we will shift the way that Boston and Cambridge’s low-income communities and families are perceived and invested in.  Already, these families are leading the way on this nationwide movement.

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Thousands of families across the country are shifting long-held perceptions of low-income communities and changing our practice and policy approaches to poverty. Join us as we trust and invest in their initiatives.

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