We invite all sectors to join the family-led movement and play key roles in the all important narrative and systems change.

See the strengths and initiative of those living in low-income communities, and invest in them directly.

To make radical system changes that focus on the strengths of all rather than the weaknesses of those living in poverty, we need the active participation of all stakeholders – Families, Individuals, Private Capital, Philanthropy, Government, and Technology. Traditional command and control programs neither encourage nor reward initiative and ignore the innate human desire for self-sufficiency. Dignity and self-respect are often stripped away. Only when there is true collaboration between and among all stakeholders will the war against poverty be won.

We invite all stakeholders to collaborate, see the strengths and initiative of those living in low-income communities, and invest in them directly, resulting in the creation of win-win solutions that put choice and control squarely back into the hands of families.

Partnership Opportunities

Site Partnership

Implement the FII model in your city or region by deploying FII’s technology including, journaling system, direct capital investment in families and analytics to better learn from communities.


 Through discussions with the Oregon Department of Human Services ‘Multnomah Idea Lab’, a learning laboratory for active experimentation with new ideas and human-centered solutions to better achieve long-term change in the community, Multnomah County in Oregon became our first municipality partner. They were exploring a redesign of the deployment of TANF dollars, with the longer-term goal of revolutionizing the delivery of human services statewide. They have enrolled families across eight jurisdictions. In addition to providing guidance in launching a fully operational FII site, we have been collaboratively exploring a variety of creative policy changes for low-income families in Oregon, including tax credits for FII participation.

Resource Partnership

Access to affordable capital is a key driver for mobility, partner with FII to your capital products and services to FII families in addition to our UpTogether Fund.


In Albuquerque, the Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and FII, is piloting an innovative loan product that offers FII families substantially higher dollar loans (up to $10,000) than have been available through FII, at market rates directly through FII’s UpTogether platform. In 2016 and 2017, FII’s loan portfolio experienced a default rate of only 3%, giving us confidence in the success of this new partnership.

Research Partnership

Collaborate with FII’s analytics team to learn directly from over 3,000 families nationwide using our comprehensive strength-based data set to inform investments, policies and practices.


In the late fall of 2017, with the goal of informing its investments in early childhood services, the Boston Foundation partnered with FII to design and distribute a survey to FII-Boston families. The Foundation and FII collaboratively designed and distributed the survey, which asked families about the experiences they have had with early childhood services in the City of Boston.

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