Partnerships are integral to the expansion of the FII model.

Family-led movements are taking shape to change our country.

As an FII partner you will experience one or more of our service offerings

Training and Partnership Success Assessment: FII provides initial and on-going training to the Partner and Partner staff to ensure Partner operations effectively implement the FII model and follow the FII Site Operations Manual.

Family Technologies: Let your families utilize our social platform and data journaling system to self-reflect, establish goals, and track progress towards those goals.

Analytics: Partners gain access to our data and analytics platform to track family progress, uncover trends, and reveal stories of family economic and social mobility.

Association: Join the FII community of families nationwide as we move to shape and change our country.

Your partnership with FII will allow you to:

  1. Partner with and learn from your families instead of merely serving them.
  2. Create an environment for families that enables self-determination and connects them with their peers.
  3. Minimize costs while increasing your reach in your community.
  4. Be part of the movement.

Our Partners, Past & Present

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