October 1, 2016  |  Detroit Financial Health Housing UpTogether Fund

Sandra Barajas

My name is Sandra Barajas and I live in the Southwest region of Detroit with my three daughters. I joined FII in 2016 with a group of women with whom I work at a document recovery company. It is my goal to purchase a home within the next year. Specifically, I have been focusing on increasing my work hours to build my savings to make this dream a reality.

In order to do this, I need to have more flexibility to work varying hours. At work there is an opportunity to work late into the evening and with overtime pay. However, I am concerned about having quality, reliable, and trusting childcare for my three young daughters, especially my three-year-old daughter who has delayed speech and cannot share her needs with others. Without child care that I can trust and rely on, I will not be able to work extra hours.

I have decided to send my three daughters to live with my mother in Mexico for the year, who I can trust to take good care of my girls. It was a difficult decision to make but if I were to leave my youngest in the care of others I am too afraid that she be mistreated because of her speech delays. I worked hard to save $2,000 for the plane tickets to Mexico and I applied for a 1:1 savings match through FII’s Resource Hub to cover the rest of the cost. In September, I was approved.

My daughters will spend the next school year in Mexico. I will miss them but I know that this is the best opportunity for me to work hard and provide a better future for my family. This time next year I will have saved enough money to buy a home and we will all be back together in the United States. And my daughters are excited about the new adventure!

I utilized FII’s matched savings resource to send my daughters to Mexico.

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