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What gets talked about today in Detroit is the resurgence that’s taking place in the city – big dollars, big business, and city center investments. The truth is that the #RealDetroit community is made up of hardworking families across the city. These families have been innovating in our neighborhoods forever. Right now, they are leveraging their resourcefulness, resilience, community, and initiative to accelerate their individual and collective economic and social mobility.

Thanks to Arlyssa Heard and the Anderson family for sharing your #RealDetroit stories of hope. #TrustandInvest

Share Your #RealDetroit Story

The story of #RealDetroit must be heard. What we imagine is flooding social media with examples of the creativity, initiative, and inspiration in your life. Here are some ideas to help you get talking on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platforms you use.

Ideas for #RealDetroit Social Media Stories:

  • Snap a photo of yourself or post a video on Twitter and/or Facebook when you spot a #RealDetroit moment.
  • Share a story on social media of what you would do with investment. For example, in the video, Arlyssa Heard described paying off traffic tickets. Duante Anderson described setting money aside to help community members in need. Think about something your family or community needs, tell your story on social media, and hashtag #RealDetroit.
  • Share a story of initiative you see to make your community better. Who’s out there giving rides, cooking meals, caring for elders?  What is a story of thriving that you see in your family, neighborhood, community, or friends?

Share your story on social media with the hashtag #RealDetroit so that like minded people can come together and influence the fate of investment in the people of the city.


Many #RealDetroit families are enrolled in a partnership with FII-Detroit, a nonprofit organization whose family-led approach invests in family initiative, community building, and civic engagement. These #RealDetroit low-income families determine and follow their own paths, pursue their dreams, and support one another throughout their journeys.

See what we’ve learned through partnership with FII-Detroit Families.

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Direct investments make a big difference in the lives of #RealDetroit families. Please join us by making a donation to FII-Detroit’s UpTogether Fund. Whether the cost of a cup of coffee or a week’s worth of groceries, all donations are welcome and critically important.


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