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What gets talked about today in Detroit is the resurgence that’s taking place in the city – big dollars, big business, and city center investments. The truth is that the #RealDetroit community is made up of hardworking families across the city. And they have been innovating in our neighborhoods since putting down roots here. Right now, they are leveraging their resourcefulness, resilience, community, and initiative to accelerate their individual and collective economic and social mobility.

Many of these #RealDetroit families are enrolled in a partnership with FII-Detroit, an innovative nonprofit organization who trusts and invests in families with a family-led approach that encourages and rewards family initiative, community building, and civic engagement. These #RealDetroit low-income families determine and follow their own paths, pursue their dreams, and support one another throughout their journeys.

Text #realdetroit to 41411 to subscribe to the #RealDetroit campaign.

Thank you for sharing our vision of a country where all families have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

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