February 13, 2020  |  Austin

Proving the narrative wrong: Yolanda Gunter

This blog is a part of our series, “Proving the narrative wrong,” leading up to the release of the short documentary “Shifting Perspectives: Low-income communities prove the narrative wrong” featuring FII members.

Yolanda Gunter is a small business-owner and a student at Austin Community College. She is working to earn credits toward a transfer to Wayland Baptist University where she plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. For Yolanda, despite her work and initiative, she – and her community – is labeled as someone who is looking for a handout, financially illiterate, and uneducated. Rather than focus on the strengths and resourcefulness of the community, they are targeted by programs and services that rely on these stereotypes to shape their perception. Yolanda wants to be recognized for her social consciousness, her leadership in mobilizing communities, her skills as a public speaker and motivator, and for her accomplishments. “I am a data analyst, a go-getter, proactive, resourceful and very creative when it comes to money. Also, I am not ignorant and I am not a beggar.”

For more from the “Proving the narrative wrong series,” read “A challenge to our perceptions” by FII-Austin Director Ivanna Neri.

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