February 26, 2020  |  Austin

Proving the narrative wrong: Sarai

This blog is a part of our series, “Proving the narrative wrong,” leading up to the release of the short documentary “Shifting Perspectives: Low-income communities prove the narrative wrong” featuring FII members.

Sarai is an entrepreneur who sells pinatas and flower arrangements. She balances growing her business and focusing on her family’s goals. “Despite the challenges, my art and my creativity have pushed me to provide my family with the best that I can. I wish other people could see my resiliency and my energy. Unfortunately, my contributions to society get overlooked by the overwhelming negative stereotypes that people who look like me have to deal with. People think that we are lazy, that we make bad decisions and that we take advantage of the system. People assume that I need so many things and all I ask for is for them to look at me as a resilient artist who is moving ahead every single day.”

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