March 3, 2020  |  Austin

Proving the narrative wrong: Maria

This blog is a part of our series, “Proving the narrative wrong,” leading up to the release of the short documentary “Shifting Perspectives: Low-income communities prove the narrative wrong” featuring FII members.

There’s a belief that low-income families are uneducated and complacent to do nothing about it – fostering the idea that their children will be uneducated and complacent as well. While society places importance on higher education and gaining knowledge, it has not recognized that paths to education and skills training look very different for many hard-working, low-income families. Many people are finding ways to educate themselves on what is most relevant and helpful to them in as they look to secure a quality job, navigate the workplace and enhance their quality of life. Maria, an immigrant woman who has lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years, is part of a grassroots community group that trains domestic workers on their labor rights. Based on her experience, she shares her knowledge with hundreds of other women who are in the workforce who are looking to better utilize their skills. She also works to organize them around voting rights and human rights. Maria is working to revalidate the education she received from her native country and is studying to earn a  GED. “People think that I am uneducated but actually, I am educated on my human rights, labor rights. I learned English and I am so proud that the desire of wanting to learn was passed to my child who is about to finish college and to be the first generation that attends college.”

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