February 20, 2020  |  Austin

Proving the narrative wrong: Marcella

This blog is a part of our series, “Proving the narrative wrong,” leading up to the release of the short documentary “Shifting Perspectives: Low-income communities prove the narrative wrong” featuring FII members.

The idea that “low-income families need parenting classes” is one that society has embraced and perpetuated . Marcella is proving that this is all wrong. She shared, “hard working families like mine wake up at 4-5 a.m. every single day to provide our families with the best that we can. In my case, my husband and I are committed to the education of our family. We are fighters. We commit ourselves to goals and meet them. One of our dreams was to take our children on a road trip to Disneyland and visit the culture and the history of different states along the way. We worked non-stop towards that goal and did it! My children are A+ students because of how we are raising them and the experiences that we are providing to them. People need to stop false assumptions and see that we are good parents, we know what is best for our children and we know how to raise them. However, our biggest barrier is that the system does not recognize these efforts. We want to be seen for all the work that we put into raising our children.”

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