August 29, 2019  |  Detroit Narrative Shifters

Patricia Wells

by Alan Rollins, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

FII site: Detroit 

Wells on Wellness”

Patricia Wells found about FII through a friend and joined the FII family in 2018. Wells was approached due to her great interest in entrepreneurship. Wells stated that her FII Group goes by the name of “Sista Women”, consisting of Women focused on Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship. The women of the group are very supportive of each other. Wells cites how once a group member went to a pitch competition and won while being cheered on by the group’s members. 

Wells likes the concept of the FII Organization. She referred to FII as being, “an organization that provides resources for individuals interested in self-help and self-improvement.” Wells also likes FII’s concept of being a part of a goal-setting group that is required to meet once a month. This allowed Wells more opportunity to meet with people within the community and network. Wells finds the FII stipend to be a very helpful resource with a portion of it going towards marketing her business. Also, the FII UpTogether app provides another great resource for promoting her services. Wells, owner of “Wellness HealthCare” contracts with businesses in need of Healthcare Assessments.

One of Wells’ goals for the future is to provide free blood pressure checks in the community through various community organizations. Wells stated that she will continue meeting with her FII Group, where she can continue working with others to discover ways to support and help one another and serve the community. Wells’ future plans and goals include expanding her business by incorporating Pain Management into the list of services she will offer. 

The National Narrative Shifters are FII families that want to take the lead on advocating for FII’s approach of direct investment in family initiative and fostering of self-determination and supportive relationships. National Narrative Shifters collect stories of the hard work and initiative happening in their communities. Using FII’s data to corroborate the stories and leveraging FII’s blog and media networks and channels, they are creating a compelling national story on what families actually need to achieve economic mobility. This story was written by one of our 2019 National Narrative Shifters.

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