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Pastor Jordan

Pastor Jordan, an FII-Chicago member, has many roles in his community. For the past 6 years, he has served as a Pastor to his parishioners, and has recently taken on oversight of a second church. He works for Chicago Public Schools as an educational support team member, where he aids students who have special needs with mentorship and advocacy. Additionally, Pastor Jordan is working towards a business degree, taking classes online in subjects like management and accounting at night. On top of it all, he is a father to seven children, one of whom he recently started a family balloon and t-shirt design business with out of their home. Pastor Jordan not only keeps his own goals front and center, but the dreams of his family and community. When asked how he balances all of this, he stated the only way he manages is through the support of others.

Pastor Jordan has been a member of FII-Chicago for just over a year. When he joined, he had a dream of one day owning a home for his family. He says that he started the process with FII with some fear of rejection or failure, but he connected with a group of people through FII that helped him gain support and confidence. Of this group, he said “So often, pastors are the listening ear – a pastor never gets to tell anyone about their issues because they get put on a pedestal. People think the pastor has no issues, no fears. Being in FII has allowed me to not only share my different experiences to help others, but also glean lessons off of others from their experiences.” 

Since he joined FII, Pastor Jordan was able to boost his credit score and increase his savings. As a result, he met his goal of owning a home this past summer. Just a few weeks ago, he went on strike with fellow Chicago Public Schools teachers and staff. He was able to fill the gap in his income from participating in the strike without touching his savings by accessing the unrestricted funds available on the FII UpTogether platform. 

Pastor Jordan said that is has been a pleasure for him to be a member of FII. He shared “FII has allowed me to overcome fears of rejection that I had before. I am at the point now that if I do try for something and fail at it, I still won because I gave it a shot. That is priceless.”

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