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Pamela Thompson

My name is Pamela Thompson and I became a member of FII-San Francisco in January 2013. Initially, I was skeptical but my best friend kept telling me of all the good things that came with being a member. When my daughter joined — after being invited by my friend also — I finally became a member.

FII has been a godsend to me. FII helps me to take a look at myself and ask “what should I be doing to continue to move forward.” I have worked toward goals that had sat on a shelf for years – improving my credit score and purchasing a home. Prior to FII, I was scared and nervous to make the leap into home ownership. So, I would start and stop. Journaling forced me to realize my goal was not moving. I took action and made it happen.

These three years have also helped me focus on my health. I remain a non-smoker, my weight is decreasing, and my blood pressure has lowered. I strive to be a better me daily.

I have taken advantage of FII’s Resource Hub three times. First, I was awarded a grant to take classes that would help my side hobby/business in party planning and decorating. I also received match savings funds to use for a down payment on a car. Finally, I needed my fireplace repaired and was granted funds for the repair. This will allow me to entertain my guests with a cozy lit fire. Something I have always wanted in my new home.

Now I am an FII Fellow — deepening my network and strengthening my relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity, and for the really dear people I have met this year.

I used FII resources to take classes to help my event planning business.

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