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Opportunity for Change

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing FII’s insights into poverty in the US – gleaned from over fourteen years of capturing hard data from working families – with the aim of illustrating our approach and impact. Our lessons learned boil down to this: when low-income families work together, determine their own course for progress, and gain access to small amounts of capital, they make amazing progress. Consistently, average incomes increase by more than 20% within two years of enrollment. Household savings go up, debt goes down and children do better in school.

FII is now at an inflection point where we can take our lessons to scale.  We’ve built one of the most advanced data management and social networking systems in the social sector. Families journal their progress and action steps monthly. As they journal, they can view their progress, and the progress of their peers, in real time –which inspires more initiative. FII families take true joy in supporting one another’s initiative, and our system allows them to both donate to and access resources such as loans from KivaZip, scholarships and awards.

Now for the exciting part: FII is offering a partnership opportunity to organizations who share our guiding principles, so more working families can participate in FII’s online journaling and networking system!  To learn more, please contact Jesús Gerena, Managing Partner:


Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation Awards $4.5 million to FII

FII is thrilled to announce that the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation has awarded FII $4.5 million to build a national model that will expand economic mobility for thousands of families, and model how getting dollars directly to families can scale change faster than any program.  We are deeply appreciative of their contribution.

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