Northern California

Giving Back

Family partners in Oakland, San Francisco, Fresno and beyond are giving more than they receive because they care about community. NorCal site director Michelle Chao joins them in this story of hope.

Direct investments clearly make a big difference in the lives of NorCal families. To invest in the power and potential of Maresa, William, and many other NorCal families like them, please join us by making a donation.

Whether the cost of a cup of coffee or a week’s worth of groceries, all donations are welcome and critically impactful.

You may be redirected to a blank page after donating if you use Safari. Click and Pledge, the company processing donations, is informed of this glitch in their system. Your donation will be confirmed by FII in an email from Jesús Gerena shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you for sharing our vision of a country where all families have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

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