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NorCal Families Organize Rafting Trip

It’s that time of the year, to get out of the city and have some fun. That’s why FII-NorCal families decided to organize a camping and whitewater rafting trip.

“It started as a one night affair, but blossomed into two nights of camping, and one day of rafting,” said William Ray, an FII-NorCal Family Partner. “We budgeted it so that the trip would be affordable for families.” Participants contributed towards the cost of the trip, and coordinators utilized FII’s non-profit status to get discounted campsite lodging.

Current FII-Northern California Fellow Autumn McFarland writes:

“As a single mother of three with limited income it’s very hard to do things with your children. But being a part of FII has made things possible. It was my first time camping with my kids. I learned that I am not an outdoor person but I would most definitely do it again. My children did things that they never done before, like white water rafting. My boys played in the river as I sat on the sidelines with my feet dug into the sand enjoying the view with other parents. The late night storytelling was something I’ll never forget.”

The opportunity for families to unwind and get to know each other was exactly the reason FII- NorCal pursued this trip. “We decided on a camping trip because some children in our FII Community rarely have an opportunity to venture outside of their neighborhood especially to the ‘outdoors’,” William Ray added.

Even though the smell of the campfire has faded from everyone’s clothes, the memories remain. The first ever FII-NorCal Family Camping and Rafting trip was a huge success.

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