December 15, 2014  |  Boston & Cambridge HousingUpTogether Fund

Natalie and Cesar Cano Purchase Their First Home

Natalie and Cesar Cano will always remember 2014 as they year in which they bought their first house. “Many people say that material things are just that… but we are very happy to have taken this initiative,” Natalie says about the home they purchased just outside Boston. To finance their down payment, Natalie and Cesar applied for and received FII’s savings match, which matched their savings two-to-one.

“The process of buying a home was long, but in the end it was worth it. It’s a great accomplishment for our family. We now have our own place to create memories together—memories that will last forever!”

The Canos are just one example of the hundreds of families who are taking the initiative to lead their own change. You have an opportunity to support them directly by donating to our campaign.

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