March 10, 2019  |  Detroit Narrative Shifters

Monica Gooden, National Narrative Shifter

by Bárbara Ortiz

This is National Narrative Shifter Monica Gooden.

As she was growing up, Monica noticed that it looked like there were are a lot of resources available. Educational resources, job fairs, etc. But, there was always a group that was unable to access and benefit from those resources. There were many where it looked like one would qualify, but then some barrier in the details would present itself.

It always upset her that everyone could not have the access to resources because they were missing crucial pieces of required administrative information. Monica felt situations were set up to leave people out, so there was always a group who could never move forward.

Monica sees FII as a springboard for sharing information. She likes that FII builds with the people already in the community to share knowledge to help everyone reach goals and to help close that gap for the people who are always left out. Monica is active in her community. She enjoys participating in events to hear people share ideas and share her own creativity.

Being a National Narrative Shifter is very important to Monica  because she wants us to feel that anything is possible, as long as we believe in it. “We need to regain confidence in our communities,” she says. “That way we can move beyond survival. Your outlook can change everything.” 


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