March 10, 2019  |  Narrative Shifters

Mary Muñoz, National Narrative Shifter

by Allan Rollins

In 2016, after being in great discomfort for several days Mary found herself in an emergency room waiting to be seen. After being seen, she was sent home only later to find herself still in discomfort. She remembered something she learned in her studies. Mary remembered a tool used to diagnose food allergies known as the Elimination Diet. Mary discovered her allergy for dairy and removed it from her diet and soon felt better. She connects this to her FII experience because the funds she received helped her pay for school.

Mary’s example strongly demonstrates that an experience like FII allows individuals to receive help and in return allow them to help others. Mary returns the help she received by helping others every day in her community as Health and Nutrition Coach. Mary is excited to have an opportunity to continue to help her Albuquerque, New Mexico community by participating as one of  FII’s new National Narrative Shifters Fellows this year. Mary plans to help through her many good deeds and her writing. She is looking forward to giving voice to those unheard stories of inspiration much like her own.

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