March 28, 2018  |  Albuquerque Civic Engagement Education Health

Mujeres Renaciendo on Empowering Women

I first heard about FII at Abriendo Puertas. Translated as Opening Doors, Abriendo Puertas is a non-profit that teaches recent Latino immigrants in Albuquerque the skills needed to raise their young children ages 0-5 years and many of the families that use the program are in FII.

At first, I joined FII because I had heard they give you financial support to make personal and family changes. Today my perspective has changed because I know that FII is not focused on giving support as such, rather on empowering families to take action on their dreams or projects. And this has been, in part, the goal of my family group: that thousands of women can empower themselves by believing in themselves by learning how to take care of both physically and internally.

My family group is collectively working on developing and delivering workshops to women in which women learn how to take care of themselves, covering topics such as skin, makeup, hair, among others, and at the same time, share experiences and feel heard. Without FII, there would simply not be such a project, as well as a team of women who have believed in it. Each monthly meeting we meet and further develop the workshops, drawing on the experiences of the group, incorporating the needs of women they discover and the different points of view of the people that exist in the community.

We have faced some barriers: We discovered that some women do not have a culture of personal grooming. We also have had difficulty in securing the space to give the workshops. The road has not been easy but it is not impossible either. To promote the project, we have had two raffles with good result, awarding cosmetic products to the winners. Personally, I’m also knocking on doors to raise funds for the promote the workshops because it’s something I trust and believe in. We are creating opportunities in the community for women to learn and have more confidence in themselves!


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