February 15, 2017  |  Albuquerque Entrepreneurship Financial Health Housing UpTogether Fund

Marisela Carmona

For me FII is like my conscience. I always help my community and do different things to achieve my goals but sometimes in our everyday life we do not realize how much we do or do not do. When I complete my report every month I am surprised to see everything I do in just one month. Being able to see that makes me happy and it inspires me to keep going. I also realize when I did not do enough for my community or for my family. It motivates me to try to do better next month.

I love to see when we accomplished our goals. An important goal my family is to buy our home. We are buying it owner to owner because of our bad credit score. FII accompanied us in the process of improving our credit score and financing our home. Seeing how we are reaching it is extraordinary for us.

At FII we accessed the 2 X I resource and were able to buy a machine that saves a lot of time and labor in my husband’s roofing company. The machine allows him to finish the job faster, do multiple jobs at a time, and move on to new contracts faster. Thanks to this we were able to hire another person to work full time and four more laborers by contract.

I also bought a program for my computer and a desk to do the accounting for the business. That helped us (indirectly) do home improvements, because we used our tax refund for our home instead of the business. With the tax refund we painted our home, got rid of the carpet, remodeled our cabinets and bought some appliances.

We bought our home.

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