March 10, 2019  |  Narrative Shifters

Maria Jandres, National Narrative Shifter

by Julia Bean

We all have our own unique story for joining FII. Maria Jandres was on a journey, searching for community support and stability, when she was introduced to FII-Northern California in San Francisco. She quickly witnessed and experienced the power of being a part of a cohort, as she received the resources that she needed to pursue her passion to shift the story of the Latino people by creating stories and images that reflect beauty, intelligence and hard work. As a proud Latina woman and mother of a 3 year old, Maria has fallen in love with the idea that people want to do better, and she is determined to build a legacy that empowers mothers and fathers by becoming a lawyer that advocates for those who need help navigating through this system. She educates those who need help finding their voice, but she doesn’t stop there. Maria is completely aware of the importance of balance of self, that’s why she is also pursuing her yoga certification. Maria is now using her powers of flexibility, resilience and creativity as she begins to take flight in her new role as a National Narrative Shifter.

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