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Marcia Worsham

Hi my name is Marcia Worsham and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I joined FII in October of 2017 and my experience so far has been awesome! I am one that has always written out my goals, and for the most part, I have achieved them. But that was pre-motherhood. Now that I am a single mother of 2, things have been kind of rough. Once I joined FII though, things took off. The fire inside of me has been reignited since I have been setting my goals in my monthly journal and have been held accountable for taking a look at what I have done towards reaching those goals. The thing that is empowering to me is when you can say “Completed”! That just makes you want to move on to the next goal and continue to chip away at the things that seemed like mountains before.

Some of the things that I have completed so far have been 1) pay off all my debt, 2) accumulate an emergency savings, 3) sign up my babies in gymnastics and 4) get a life insurance policy set up on myself. I have several others that I should have completed in another few weeks but this is only the beginning!

One of my biggest goals is to lose 100 plus pounds as everything that I am passionate about revolves around health and wellness, not to mention that I was a bikini/figure model before babies. I feel as though I cannot move towards any of my major goals until I have achieved this one. One of the key elements to losing weight (focusing more on body fat than body weight) is meal prep. Since I don’t have much of a support system, it is extremely challenging to prep the type of meals I need to eat to lose weight. At one of our FII meetings, I happened to mention that if I could find someone to pay to prep my meals, I could get moving on my weight loss goal. Right then and there, one of my FII team members volunteered to do it! Her price was reasonable so I agreed to partner up with her. We have only done it for 2 weeks so far but it is a huge help. I feel like this is one of the main answers to being successful on this weight loss journey of mine. I said above that I didn’t have too much of a support system but this is what FII is all about. My support came from an FII team member and the extra cash I need to pay her weekly is available to me from FII. It is this sense of community that makes FII a powerful organization. I plan to make my experience with FII a life changing one!

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