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Make your year-end gift to FII Families

Dear Friends,

At the Family Independence Initiative (FII), we are celebrating the holiday season along with our FII families across the country who continue to impress and inspire us with their hard work and determination to forge their own paths to prosperity.

Your gifts to FII have made their progress possible. We invite you to join us in investing in families this holiday season.

Click here to make your year-end gift to FII families today.

We are also continuing to consider what the new year will bring for our country’s low-income families under a new presidential administration.

Julia, an FII-Boston Fellow and family partner, sent us her moving “election reflections” expressing her deep emotions, how hard it was to tell her daughter about the election results, and how she plans to combat the negativity.

“I have so many emotions – hurt, anger, fear, and everything you can imagine – but at the end of the day, it is my strength and my deep belief that the power of the people will always shine through… We find ourselves at an important point in history. A time in which families like ours are striving, thriving, and beating the odds by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps to provide for our families. Families who, in the face of adversity, are coming together to help each other achieve our personal and professional goals. As FII family partners, we have demonstrated what can happen when families have access to networks and resources to do for themselves what so many organizations have failed to do.

We know that policies have been created to keep us trapped in cycles of poverty. We know that systems benefit from our adversity. We also know what the power of self-organizing looks like. And if anyone can challenge the stereotypes and barriers to overcoming poverty it’s the lives that rise above every day. We are not hopeless or helpless. This is our time to move and continue to shift the narrative. We are strong. Now let’s build a movement and tackle these injustices.”

Julia is joining close to 2,000 (and growing) families across the country who are channeling these emotions in their fight for economic justice. We are grateful for our wonderful friends and supporters, like you, who are generously partnering with FII and our families towards prosperity for all in such a vital and pivotal movement in history.

Simply click here to make your tax-deductible holiday donation to FII.

Happiest of holidays to you and your loved ones.

FII Staff

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