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Lucila Lozoya

When I first heard about FII it gave me a bit of fear and distrust since I thought “who gives something for nothing?” People convinced me and now I am part of a group, The Achievers. As the time goes by I am learning more and getting more involved. I’ve made several changes in my life, with my family and personally. I got the courage to show that my family could move forward without having to ask the Government for help. After being with FII for 2 months, I stopped applying for food stamps. This gave me security to know that I came to this country to move forward and I should not fall in the pit of comfort.

After being with FII for 6 months, I applied for the 2 for 1 savings match. It had been a year since we bought our house and it needed several things fixed. When we first bought it we focused on the most urgent things. Our electrical and gas bills were too high because the windows were simple and the heat and air conditioning would escape. The 2 for 1 resource was to replace the windows and glass door. After installing everything, we gradually began to see a decrease in our bills. We’ve saved half of what we were paying in the beginning and it has increased the value of our home.

I’ve always had goals, and savings, but FII has helped me follow up on each of them. Getting there slowly but knowing I’m going to get there. I want to teach my kids that we should always have goals and that there is no obstacle that could stop us.

Being an FII fellow has given me the confidence to help other FII families and the community. The fellowship workshops have taught me a lot and I’ve acquired a lot of new knowledge that I could share. Every day I do new things, I help someone, and I think that we all have the same passion that Mauricio has to make change little by little but leaving a mark on everything.

After being with FII for 2 months, I stopped applying for food stamps.

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