November 13, 2014  |  In the News

Lessons Learned From the Mistakes and Solutions of Ordinary People (from the Huffington Post)

In previous posts, Family Independence Initiative Founder and CEO Mauricio Lim Miller has written about the harm the social sector can cause from efforts that are, in effect, “paternalistic.” In a society where race, class and gender biases still fuel negative stereotypes of low-income adults, top-down services fuel the misconceptions that certain members of society want to believe to be true: low- income adults make bad decisions, don’t care enough about their children, cannot lead their own change, cannot solve their own problems and are unwilling to help one another. In 2001, the year he started the Family Independence Initiative (FII), Mauricio learned an important lesson about the potential that exists from not helping.

Head over to Huffington Post Impact to read the rest of this story, or access it here in PDF format.

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