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Latest News from FII-Boston

The Family Independence Initiative (FII) may have its roots in Oakland, California, but our commitment to reignite social and economic mobility in the city of Boston continues to grow. Over the past few months, FII’s partner families in Boston have been busy making personal connections and support each other, as well as helping FII—Boston launch two exciting partnerships.

Union Capital Boston (UCB) Partnership Launch

Union Capital Boston’s mobile application gives access to financial services to their members, providing immediate access to benefits and data for institutions and organizations to use.

FII-Boston staff and families have taken a leadership role in shaping the organization. With a pilot launching this fall, UCB will sign up over 250 people, including 100 FII families. The next step is for UCB to measure progress as families log, share, and connect to resources that provide a sustainable pathway for social and economic mobility.

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) Partnership

For more than 30 years, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) has worked with Dudley residents to organize, plan, and create a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.

FII—Boston is partnering with DSNI to expand the number of families we are learning from in Boston. There are now 104 families sharing data and stories with FII through the partnership with DSNI. In addition, FII–Boston is training DSNI staff FII’s model and approach.


FII – Boston Families Connect

The families with whom we partner understand the importance of community and connections. FII’s supports their effort to build community by funding family-organized activities. Our Movement Building Fellows organized two events this summer: a family beach day and a cultural exchange.

In July, over 50 people spent the day having fun and bonding at a local beach. At the event, there were many activities such as: tug-of-war, balloon games, potato sack races, and other activities that encouraged connection.

In August, Franklin Park Zoo generously hosted over 350 families, local leaders, and public officials with the aim of bringing people from different background and cultures together. The event focused on offering a diversity of food and live performances that honored FII families’ heritage.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Boston family event zoo 3

Boston family event zoo 4

Boston family event zoo 2


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