September 10, 2019  |  Detroit Narrative Shifters

Khadija Hicks


by Alan Rollins, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Detroit

FII Site: Detroit

“NNS Parenting and Nonprofits a winning combination”

Khadija Hicks joined FII in the spring of 2018. Hicks first found out about FII through a friend and fellow parent member participating in the PTA at their children’s school. They would later become fellow members of the same FII group. Hicks became a member of the FII family while placing the finishing touches on the nonprofit she was starting. Hicks recalls meeting with her parent group at local coffee houses over the past year discussing how to improve their family lives and the lives of others who were deaf or hard of hearing.

Hicks is a shining example of how community involvement, networking, and a desire to make a difference can lead to something that greatly benefits the community. Hicks was one of four founding members, composed of parents with deaf children, who started a nonprofit known as the Association for the Advancement of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (AADHH). Hicks is grateful to FII for assisting her with paying a portion of the 501c3 filing fee she needed to establish AADHH as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The AADHH is an organization created by parents not just to see to their own families’ needs, but also to see to the needs of other families in the community. The organization provides resources and services to the youth and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing in the surrounding community.

Hicks credits FII with motivating her to set goals. She found this very beneficial, causing her to press even further to meet and exceed her goals. Her goals included clearing up her credit cards, improving her credit score, and paying off debt. Hicks also had goals for creating savings for both family emergencies and family vacations. Hicks also found the stipends very helpful in assisting her younger sister with college entrance applications and fees – she has plans to attend Benedict College in South Carolina. If you are interested in learning more about AADHH, look them up on Facebook or email

The National Narrative Shifters are FII families that want to take the lead on advocating for FII’s approach of direct investment in family initiative and fostering of self-determination and supportive relationships. National Narrative Shifters collect stories of the hard work and initiative happening in their communities. Using FII’s data to corroborate the stories and leveraging FII’s blog and media networks and channels, they are creating a compelling national story on what families actually need to achieve economic mobility. This story was written by one of our 2019 National Narrative Shifters.

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