August 2, 2019  |  Austin Financial Health Social Capital

Kenia Nunez

Kenia and her family joined FII-Austin six months ago with a group of parents they had met through AVANCE’s parenting classes. The group call themselves the “United Families,” and Kenia has developed supportive friendships with her group members. Kenia also likes to share information on UpTogether and connect with other FII families to share experiences and learning.

Just passing their six-month mark, Kenia and her family drew down UpTogether Funds to assist in their immigration process and attorney. Last month, they applied for work permits and now they are working on their visas.

Kenia feels safe and supported in her family group, and sees how her family is progressing. They have already improved their financial health, and partnering with FII has also helped them create connections with the community, meet more people, and learn about more resources available to them.

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