February 27, 2018  |  Boston & Cambridge Civic Engagement Entrepreneurship Social Capital

Karla Ulloa

I first heard about FII three years ago through a long-time friend who had joined FII-Boston. When she mentioned it again recently, I was delighted to learn that FII had expanded into Cambridge. I mentioned it to all my friends with children and everyone I grew up with in high school and we went to an info session. It sounded too good to be true — but my dear friend had experienced great success through her participation in FII, from school to jobs to homes and many more accomplishments she achieved throughout the years — so we gave it a try. I joined FII-Cambridge in September 2017 with my beautiful daughter and supportive fiancé. I have been in FII about three months and am excited for my journey.

I chose to join FII to better my family and myself. I wanted to utilize resources in my area as well as advise others. Journaling with FII is a really important part of my journey. Putting everything in writing makes me think about what I have done or what I could be doing with my family, my goals, and my friends. I look forward to my monthly meetings because my group is so supportive, offering ideas and relaying success stories. They help me to remember what is possible.

Already, I have been more involved and engaged in my community. Working towards improving my painting and jewelry businesses, as well as walking to help meet my health goals, I have become more outgoing and met more people in my community. This helped my community get to know me, and they just voted me in as the Vice President of the Condo Association! I have already had success in meeting my personal weight loss goals, financial goals, and in doing more activities with my family that are filled with fun. I have received job offers and have been in the right state of mind to know what I want and know my worth. I have taken a class and been offered compensation to work using those skills in my community.




I see my family in a better place — more involved with each other and the community. It has been all positive vibes from my surroundings and my own participation. I have no regrets — I even convinced my mother and her neighbors to start an FII group to be more involved.

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