June 29, 2017  |  Education Housing Northern California Social Capital

Kamica Cooper

I am a mother of five and was homeless in 2013 when I  joined FII for moral support and encouragement. With the help of my cohort families and the broader community, I found my way from a life of shelters to a permanent home for my family in 2015.

Always having understood the importance of an education, I was continually buoyed by my cohort’s reinforcement of its value. So much so that, regardless of my situation, I always managed to keep all five of my children in school and/or daycare.

When I noticed one of my sons was having trouble reading, I started an afterschool reading group for him and his friends where I take them to the local library and we all take turns reading to one another. It’s been several weeks and I can already hear that his reading skills are improving. This makes me very happy.

In my group. I talked about wanting to finish high school and my cohort families encouraged me to look into an online program. With their support, I enrolled in the Berkeley adult high school program where I attended school every day, kept my grades at a “C” average, completed my independent studies homework, and achieved my goal. I received my GED last year.

I was empowered by both experiences as I demonstrated the importance and value of perseverance for my children.

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