March 10, 2019  |  Albuquerque Narrative Shifters

Jorge Montes-Rodriguez, National Narrative Shifter

by Khrys Styles

Jorge Montes-Rodriguez is one of the new NATIONAL NARRATIVE SHIFTERS and I tell you, I was impressed by this 18 yr old college student right off the bat. Jorge is very much an introvert but when he shares his narrative, I can see that he has a huge passion for community. Jorge is part of a family that has participated in FII since 2015. He saw how the FII community positively affected so many and soon decided to get involved with FII to contribute to the change. During our National Narrative Shifters retreat, it was obvious that Jorge is a great listener, because, and I quote him, “We have two ears and one mouth.” Yes, I was impressed. Jorge also shared that he found his voice through his community involvement including his position as the Social Media Manager for FII and now as a National Narrative Shifter. Jorge believes that through collecting and telling stories, he is finding his balance and is able to move beyond being such an introvert, while speaking out for others. I applaud Jorge and look forward to learning from him. A young man stepping up to make a change. Please say hello!

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