February 20, 2017  |  Boston & Cambridge Health UpTogether Fund

Jessica Withers

My inspiration for Motivated By Muffin is based on the athlete with in me. As a teen I played basketball in high school and dabbled in football and tennis. Because of the priorities of adulthood, I stopped being active, and physically, I did not feel like myself. Finally, I started to go to the gym and working out.

The Purpose of Motivated By Muffin is simply to get people moving, to look at fitness as a lifestyle, and make fitness fun, cool, and attractive. More importantly, to motivate, challenge, and support people in believing that they can incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

Motivated By Muffin started in August 2016. I was asked by another FII member to host a fitness group for some FII families and people in the community. It took place outside, and it was such a great experience for me. Running that social club was the confirmation that I can do this.

I publicized the club through my Instagram as well as FII’s social networking platform, Uptogether.org, and FII’s Facebook page. There were more than 12 people that participated in the social club. Using an FII social club stipend, we held workouts all summer. Also, the Mattahunt Community Center allowed me to run fitness classes when the weather did not permit workouts outside.

The outcome of starting this social club has been amazing. I have been inspired to start other fitness initiatives like Swimfit, which is a 8-week program aquatics cardio-workout and training, as well as swim lessons where you can learn the fundamentals of swimming. I also run bootcamp group fitness classes Monday and Wednesday in partnership with the City Of Boston Community Center. On March 9th, 2017, I will be running a four week Total Body Challenge for FII families only!!!!

The impact on participants have been great. I have had the pleasure of working out with FII members and non members in helping them reach personal fitness goals. Shout out to FII Marisol Tejera for participating in both my Swimfit Program as well as my group fitness classes, and to Njiba Mbuyi, Crystal Murphy, Shanee Franklin, Tonya Robinson, and Kara Payne for participating in my programs. I hope to work with more FII families in the future.

I am just amazed at how much I have been able to achieve and learn from starting Motivated By Muffin. It has truly uplifted a spark in me that has made me more driven and determined. I definitely plan on keeping it going.

Ran a summer-long fitness class for more than a dozen people utilizing the FII social club stipend and through the support of the Mattahunt Community Center.

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