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It’s Never Too Late

by William Goodwin, National Narrative Shifter, FII-Northern California

“It’s never too late.”

People say that all the time. But to that—Meet Dalva Franks.

Dalva is past her 2 year commitment, though she is still active on UpTogether, attends all events and functions out of the FII-NorCal, and meets periodically with her FII Family Group.

When Dalva joined FII in March 2017, she admits “it took a minute to understand the bases of how to use the UpTogether platform.” However in a short while she realized “FII has so much more to offer. Besides the extra money, there was access to loans, and ways to help start your own business.”

Dalva begin interacting with families on FII, learning recipes, and “meeting different people all across the USA; people telling their stories and the goals they set for themselves.” People lifting everyone’s spirit by just saying, “Hi, and have a nice day.” She even saw a person was explaining how to get your credit repaired. So she reached out to that person, and she shared with Dalva her budget process, and goals she set for saving.

Then one day Dalva said to herself, “What can I do? I can do something.” She “refused to sit by” idly.  That is when Dalva decided to go back to college. She had not been back to college in 30 years, but there she was enrolled in 4 classes at Laney College in Oakland. “I wanted to teach my grandchildren that no matter your age you can always learn something new.  Math is the hardest subject,” she days, as she opens her laptop. “To prepare for college I used my UpTogether funds the first time to purchase a laptop. Then the next time I purchased my printer. The last time I used my UpTogether Fund I wanted to do something special for myself. So for Christmas I purchased my washer/dryer. It was my first time buying an appliance.”

Dalva is a “Die Hard” FII member. She still meets with her group, and has started a new hobby of decorating hats and jackets. She says “I am more confident, now I put myself out there, volunteering and projects. It is so encouraging.” What’s next….Only Time will tell. Stay tuned.


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